Constructa believes in Quality Construction, Timely Completion and the Client Satisfaction.

Constructa has Designed, Constructed and completed many prestigious projects in Kuwait and Iraq, covering Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings with Light, Masonry/Concrete and Steel Structure Construction, including their Architectural Finishes, Claddings, Wooden Joinery, Suspended Ceiling and Steel/Aluminum Doors and Windows. This includes all associated Electrical and Mechanical works.

Besides above, Constructa also undertakes Supply and/or Installation of Pre - Engineered Steel Buildings in Kuwait and Iraq and recently completed installation of 8 (eight) Buildings including complete Architectural Finishes in Iraq (total area - about 30,000 m2) for Kellogg Brown & Roots, UK.

Constructa has a team of highly experienced Engineers, Supervisors and highly skilled Workers having 10 - 15 years experience who are approved by U.S Army and UNICOM.

Constructa has complete fabrication facilities (about 3000 m2) in Kuwait, which is fully equipped with most modern machines and is running under the supervision of highly qualified Engineers and most experienced Staff.

We manage the projects differently by involving the participation of the Client by offering our expert advice so as to optimize maximum value of their money. Besides, based on the actual works executed at the site, we keep our Clients well informed about the progress of work on weekly or monthly basis and updating them with their financial requirements.

Constructa can offer you a Remote Monitoring System at a very reasonable sum. So as to monitor your project development, right in the comfort of your office.


Constructa had started its operations in waste management trading of recyclable materials i.e. Steel, Paper and Nylon. Today, Constructa is one of the leading groups diversified in various areas:

  1. Construction
  2. Trading
  3. Design and Engineering.

In our efforts to effectively market our services and put our resources where the greatest potential for business exists, we have prioritized the markets. In addition, our Strategic Approach also includes exploring more business opportunities in Iraq and Qatar.


The other major area we focus is supplies of various items which includes but not limited to NDE approved Personal Security Equipment (PSE) such as: Body Armors, Kevlar Helmets, Dog Tags, Night Vision Goggles, Armored Vehicles, Perimeter Security Fencing items such as: Concertina Barbed Wire, Hescos Sand Filled Barrier and Sand Bags etc. We are supplying all these items to major defense contractors in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom - War against Terrorism.

To make it cost effective Constructa sources these items directly from the manufacturers which not only meet Clients’ requirements, but also acts as a or cost reduction by eliminating the middle agent. For value added services, we deliver these items on time at the Clients designated Locations in Kuwait and Iraq.

Constructa also enjoys its close relations with the distributors of IT and Office Automation Equipment such as Computers, Laptops, Photo Copiers and Fax Machine etc. Constructa has supplied over hundreds of Computers and other Office Equipment to companies operating within Kuwait and Iraq.