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A Professional Company - Constructa General Contracting for Building company, established in 1988, evolved from trading operations in Kuwait and is now specializing in Construction, Logistics and Life Support Services. Constructa is not only a trading unit which sells products but is also a service provider and firmly believes in “Total Client Satisfaction”. A key factor to our success is our longstanding relationship in the market, which we have established and maintained during all these years. We also enjoy close relationships with many of the trusted suppliers and service providers.

The expertise, collective knowledge combined with dedication, experience and hard work of our Staff under the leadership and guidance of our Management, laid a strong foundation on which we built our business, besides the futuristic vision of our Management provided a dynamic environment on which we are flourishing. We have expertise in our field and our team is our greatest strength of which we are proud of.

A division of Constructa was established to provide logistical support to our Clients by taking it one step further.

Through Constructa we also source Construction Contracts, supply Building Materials, Lease Heavy Construction Equipment and Light & Heavy Vehicles, and provide “Total Turnkey Operations”. Constructa independently operates its Construction and Trading Divisions to provide logistical support sourced through the private military tracings sectors. Constructa has completed numerous projects with the British and American Army in Kuwait and Iraq.

40+ Years of Experience

We believe in Quality Construction, Timely Completion and Client Satisfaction.

Constructa started with an initial working capital of US $ 0.3 Million. However, during the time, the revenues increased from the US $ 5.00 Million in the year 2000 to the US $ 15.00 Million in the year 2009.

This increase in revenue is the direct result of our growth in diversified areas of business and projects.

We have very ambitious but achievable goals for the future, to grow our business in line with the strategic road map, which will be achieved by our capabilities in the area of Trading, Construction and Logistics and by providing diversified products to our Clients. Besides, this other goal is to develop and expand our business in new markets.


Naresh Kumar

Chief Executive

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Our Speciallization


We pride ourselves on our capabilities and have a team of the highly qualified, experienced and competent professionals in the fields of Procurement, Logistics, Construction, Finance and Administration.

Our dedicated team of Management and Staff ensures that we conduct all our operations from Procurement, Transportation and Handing Over to Warranty with only one goal in mind “Total Customer Satisfaction” and recurring business.

We have a complete and comprehensive Vendor Base in the Middle East including total logistics network that puts us in control – a step ahead of our competitors, which is only achievable by a strong financial base.

We have multitude of experiences and expertise along with our infrastructure to continue to provide outstanding support to our Clients.


We are proud to provide our Clients with any logistical support in products and construction services which they require. We perform complete services from the initial stage of Design, Engineering to Completion of the Project.

We also have Warehousing, Transportation facilities and ability to reliably support our Clients, wherever they need support.

We can provide Power Generation Equipment, Construction Machines and Equipment, Construction Materials, Electrical Equipment, Light and Heavy Vehicles, Office Equipment, Pre Fabricated Modular Units, Tents, Barrier, Guard Towers and Security Fencing etc.


Constructa is registered with Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Central Tenders Committee (C.T.C.) and Kuwait Municipality and is closely associated with Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry for International Business. Constructa is also registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR) System and NATO Commercial Government Entity (NCAGE), having following references allotted by them;

D U N S #: 644404329
NCAGE # : SCC 92


Most of the countries in the Gulf region mandate sponsorship or limit the bidding and/or procurement process to the locally registered companies or give them preference. Since alliances become crucial, Constructa established “Exclusive Tie Ups” with Companies in the Middle East and many Asian Countries by signing Representation Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding.

To achieve our objectives of “Mission Success”, alliances and mutual co - operation with these companies provides us information on new business opportunities and potential Clients.

Constructa enlisted the services of highly qualified and experienced Engineers, Administrators, Financial Managers and Technicians who had acquired extensive experience from their work while working on prestigious projects with multinational Companies such as; Flour International, Kellogg Brown & Roots and Halliburton Overseas Limited of USA, Taylor Woodrow International, George Wimpey and A M C of UK, Toa Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan.

Our New Entities

Al Mailem Head Office.

CASA INTERIOR DESIGN as the name implies undertakes and executes Turnkey Projects related to Design and Decoration of Showrooms, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Offices and Residential Buildings under the able guidance of Mr. Naresh K. Lahoria, C.E.O. and Managing Director of Constructa.

Mr Naresh is an Architect of repute with more than 27 years of experience in designing and decoration of numerous landmark buildings in Kuwait.

A very Senior Architect, who is the Manager of CASA INTERIOR DESIGN with a team of dedicated Engineers and Staff, assists Mr. Naresh in managing all aspects of designing and execution of Projects.

CASA INTERIOR DESIGN has executed numerous Design and Decoration Turn Key Projects in Kuwait and a full list of these Projects can be viewed under the List of Executed Projects.

Interior Specialties Co.

ARCHITECTURAL SPECIALITIES CO. as the name suggests is responsible for all type of Architectural Works, whether it be Aluminum Cladding & Curtain Wall of the Building or Ceilings & Skylights and operates independently under one of the very Senior Engineer and with the support of experienced Engineers and site staff.


Under ARCHITECTURAL SPECIALITIES, the company undertakes complete Supply and Installation Works related to;



  • Curtain Walls.
  • Sky Lights.
  • Spider System.
  • Installation of all Kinds of Architectural Product by Hunter Douglas of Netherlands.
  • Luxlon Ceiling.
  • Luxlon Sun Control System.
  • Luxlon Aluminum Cladding for Facade and Facia.

Modular Building Systems.

Unlike other companies belonging to Constructa, MODULAR BUILDING SYSTEMS is also a totally independent Unit and has all the capabilities to perform and execute these services in Kuwait & Iraq

To construct Pre Fab Modular Units and fabricate Steel Structures, MBS has its own manufacturing facilities in Kuwait, well equipped with all the modern machines and required amenities and has the capacity to produce up to 10 units a day as per our standards and specifications and/or any other specifications to meet the Client’s requirements. MBS has highly trained and experienced construction team, who can complete Pre Fab Modular Units and all related Civil Structures and Electro – Mechanical works in shortest time.


  • Office Buildings.
  • Warehouses.
  • Accommodation Camps for Army & Contractors.
  • Dining Facilities (DFAC’s).
  • Guard Towers (Fixed and Portable Type).
  • Gymnasium (MWR).
  • Cold Storage – Refrigerated and Freezer Rooms.
  • Modular Porta Cabins for Housing, Offices, Command Control, Kitchen, Latrine, Shower and
  • Laundry.
  • Concrete Barriers - Jersey, Alaska and Security Fencing

A list of executed works in Kuwait and Iraq by MODULAR BUILDING SYSTEMS can be viewed under the List of Executed Projects.