CONSTRUCTA has designed and executed numerous Interior Design turnkey projects, covering Supermarket, Showrooms, Restaurants and Office areas through our sister company CASA IINTERIOR DESIGN.

A full list of Interior Design Projects done by CASA INTERIOR DESIGN can be viewed under List of Projects.


To construct Pre Fab Modular Units and fabricate Steel Structures, CONSTRUCTA has well equipped manufacturing facilities in Kuwait, and has the capacity to produce up to 10 units a day as per our standards and specifications and/or any other specifications to meet client’s requirements. We have highly trained construction crew and they have a vast experience in completing Pre-Fab Modular units, Civil and Steel structures and Electrical works.

Unlike other companies CONSTRUCTA is totally independent company and has all the capabilities to perform and execute these services in Kuwait & Iraq.


  1. In 2003, CONSTRUCTA was awarded a contract by the US Army to fabricate and supply many Pre Fab Modular Units i.e. Accommodation, Laundry, Latrine and Shower units for their residential camps at various locations in Iraq.
  2. CONSTRUCTA was also awarded a sub-contract in Iraq to provide turnkey construction of Warehouse (Area - 1,540 M²) at CPA Headquarters in Basra for Kellogg Brown & Roots (KBR) – a US Defense Contractor.
  3. In 2004, CONSTRUCTA was awarded a turnkey sub - contract in Iraq to construct a Dining Facility - DFAC (Area - 4,000 M²) for US Army at Camp Victory, North of Baghdad International Airport through a Catering Company working for KBR.
  4. The project was successfully completed and due to our timely completion and commitment to quality work, three (3) more Dining Facility – DFAC’s sub - contracts (Total Area - 11,130 M²) at Camp Victory, South of Baghdad International Airport and Camp Falcon Fury near Baghdad for US Army were awarded to CONSTRUCTA through a Catering company also working for KBR.
  5. In 2005, CONSTRUCTA was awarded a turnkey sub-contract in Iraq to construct three (3) Dining Facilities – DFAC’s (Total Area - 11,400 M²) at Camp Al Taqaddum, Habaniyah, Iraq through another Catering company working for KBR.
  6. In 2008 / 2009, CONSTRUCTA was awarded a sub-contract in Iraq to construct very specialized, Design and Techniques Defense four (4) Dining Facilities – DFAC (Total Area – 28,000 M²) , (3) Accommodation Buildings – (Total Area – 21,000 M²) and (1) Medical Building (MEDIFAC) – (Total Area - 7000 M²) at C.O.B Basrah Airport, Iraq. Total 8 buildings with floor area of 56,000 M².
  7. CONSTRUCTA successfully completed all the projects to the entire satisfaction of Clients, the US Army and KBR the Contractor by provided quality construction within tight schedules.